Wednesday, September 21, 2016

12 Kids' Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

When you become a parent, you earn a medical merit badge of sorts. Whether you're sopping up a goopy nose or extracting a dangling-by-a-thread baby tooth, eventually few things faze you. But sometimes it's tough to tell what warrants a call to your doctor's office: Which temperature actually classifies as a "high fever"? What kind of tummy ache means your child has more than your average stomach bug? And when something truly frightening happens -- say, your child suddenly breaks out in hives -- should you call your pediatrician or head straight to the E.R.?

"Parents should always err on the side of caution and seek immediate medical care when they're worried about something," says Anita Chandra-Puri, M.D., a pediatrician at Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group, in Chicago, and a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics. However, to give you more specific guidelines to follow, we talked to top pediatricians about the 12 symptoms that always require medical attention.

Symptom #1: High Fever
Symptom #2: Long-Lasting Fever
Symptom #3: Fever with Headache
Symptom #4: Circle-Shaped Rash
Symptom #5: Unusual Mole
Symptom #6: Sudden Stomach Pain
Symptom #7: Headache With Vomiting
Symptom #8: Decreased Urination
Symptom #9: Blue Lips
Symptom #10: Swollen Face
Symptom #11: Vomiting After Falling
Symptom #12: Excessive Bleeding

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