Thursday, July 23, 2015

How Many Websites Are There?

The quick answer is that were over 1 billion websites in 2014 according to Netcraft. This number dropped a bit but is expected to reach the billion-website mark again this year.

Not to shabby when you consider it all started with an idea in 1989 and one website in 1991: The World Wide Web Project.

In 1992, there was a 900% increase in websites - resulting in a total of 10!

As some may recall, the web was growing so quickly that some method of finding information was needed. The search engine Yahoo! was created in 1994, the year that tallied 2,738 sites. Do you remember this web page?
1994 Yahoo website
(Click on image for larger version)

 A year-by-year count of websites, curious facts and significant events is reported on, what else, a web page: Total Number of Websites.

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